What is privlage??

I sure do many privlages in life we never know how gratefull we are until we lose a privlage.

So what is a privlage??

I see a privlage as being able to just turn on the tap to drink and having a education.

Many people have conducted a experiment where you get a group of people in a room. In the room there’re are lines , everyone stands on the middle line, someone asks questions in what you have or don’t have and after say take a step back or foward… at the back is the least privlaged and at the front is the less privlaged

I think this is great idea and i beleve we should do this in blog form so everyone start at 10

If you have been home alone for nights when a child minus 1

If you feel comfortable talking about your past plus 1

If your education was good and helps you now plus 1

If you was more restricted then other boys and girls due to money problems minus 1

If you were left out or bullied at school minus 1

If your parents are kind and love you no matter what plus 1

If you have never had to share a room with two or more siblings or family members plus 1

What did you get?? If you don’t feel comfortable sharing its completely fine

stay cute!!! cutiepieeee33


The X factor …

Don’t get me wrong i LOVE the X factor but don’t you think that you should keep some things personal on X factor UK there was this boy who talked about his freind passing away anyway his voice was AMAZING but his freind has parents… and a family and maybe they didn’t want this to be on naitional TV, maybe they did ask and they said yes but what if they didn’t?? What if the pictures of his son were personal and his parents just  turned in the TV and see their son in it, they would be heart-broken.

Simon Cowell got emotional and you could tell, unlike some judges he didn’t want to show that and when it showed backstage it zoomed in on simon when he was far away, he was crying. Maybe he didn’t feel comfortable about this.

Same with alot of other TV shows like ‘curvy Brides’ i don’t watch it but what if YOUR wedding was a bunch of camaras and directors and producers telling you to get THAT dress, suit or venue ,even uf you didn’t want to. A wedding i something you can only do once because a blessing isn’t the exact same is it??

Do you agree with me or do you think this is completely fine?

stay cute!!! cutiepieeee33

How to cope with bullies

Hey y’all  how yah doin i know its kind of personal but have you been bullied if you are its not your fault here are 5 tips on how to cope with bullying

   Tip 1

Say theres a big bear growling at you, you wouldn’t fight back would you… this is the same with bullies it will urge them further to make life worse

Tip 2

Bullies may threat you to not tell anybody, ignore these threats, tell someone you trust if they don’t show any concern or care and the bullying is getting physical or driving you into a mental state  call childline or if it gets to a extreme level tell the police.

Tip 3

Getting your confidence back is a struggle, everyday tell yourself, “i am amazing’  but don”t let it turn into a show-off remark that will not help you make new freinds

Tip 4

Don’t listen to them ignore every remark you here and stay clear of them, if its cyber-bullying block them from sites you go on and report don’t read the texts and don’t anwser there calls

Tip 5

Don’t let the bully boss you around and maybe try to find out why there doing this, most likely there insecure or they have got this off their parents or gardian. So don’t convince yourself that they just hate you, unless they have a reason to.

If any of you being bullied you can talk to me or other people about it

Q: how would YOU prevent bullying (i would love to find out).

stay cute!!! cutiepieeee33

Type of texters

Hiiiiiiiiiii everbody its cutie here….
Texting… it can get annoying .
So here are 5 types of texters…
Number 1

Me: hi u ok??


Like come on…. i was just saying hi
This is what happens to a poor soul (*sad music*) its so sad just so lonley…. ok i’ll stop now ☺☺ but it really annoys me people who do this, TELL ME WHYYYYYYY

Number 2

Me:hi wats up???
Person:OMG i have been waiting for u for like… 30 mins

Ok ok ok ok it says here i replied 1min after you put those demands!!!! But what really starts me off is when i reply and they NEVER reply back its really annoying who can relate??

Number 3

Me:hi did i leave my keys at your house
Person:HEYYY gurl i really enjoyed last night i heard on Netflix there’re putting on annabelle do you think you”ll be brave enough to watch it??

Me:maybe but did i leave the keys??

Person: are you going to the pub tonight what are you wearing??

Me: YES… the keys??

Person: i got these new shoes and everything!!!


Person:what about the keys??

Me: did i leave the keys at your house?!


I asked you one question and you have to turn into a WHOLE convo you wasted 5% of my battery!! What if i needed a pee or worse i could of died .. i was locked out i needed you!! I trusted you (cue dramatic hair and start raining) i needed you…. maybe i am going a tinsie bit over the top..

Number 4

Person: would u like to sang in the pub
Person: *sang*
Person *GANG*
person: HANG
Person: damn u autocorrect

I don’t need to know about your autocorrect troubles i am still trying to get out of the “single” zone… never mind autocorrect!!

Number 5


Person: wat up u wnt convo or do yah wnt 2 hang at dah pub it wold be awsom

What???????????????? What does that mean? You learnt english for a reason mate!!! I’m here with English teacher correcting me on my spelling and then you with a whole English degree and don’t even use the languge taught to you

Thank you for sticking with me i hope you enjoyed this!!!
Stayyyyy cute!! Cutiepieeee33
P.s are u any of these people??


First post

Anybody whos reading this HIIIII… if anybody is reading this. I am cutiepieeee33. And this is my blog (what else would it be!!) I will be sharing my problems and see if anybody else has them and i might do some funny stuff to. And i DO know i am NOT internet famous but… I love to write. I find it hard to put pen to paper sometimes so i put fingers to buttons!!! I hope if you do stick around  you could make my day by following???

Not being cheeky or anything

Stay cute xx cutiepieeee33